Prix de la Laïcité 2017


FEMEN leader Inna Shevchenko wins France’s 2017 Secularism Award

FemenSecularity and Feminism is always inter-connected as patriarchy’s father is religion; religions of male masters, preachers and lords who deny women equal rights and freedom to decide over our own bodies.

Under a golden ceiling full of painted naked women, the prize for standing up for secularity – the torso of bare breasted French national symbol Marianne – was given by and to mostly men,
and then finally; the great International Secularity Prize 2017 goes to Inna Shevchenko, leader of Femen International; and we balanced up the stage with women.

Céremonie de remise de Prix de la Laïcité à Inna Shevchenko from Everyday Rebellion on Vimeo.


Speech by Inna Shevchenko upon receiving France’s 2017 Secularism Award (Prix de la Laïcité) — with standing ovation!



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